Current Events

The COVID lockdown and limitations has made many of us uptight and anxious. Add to that the stress of an economic slowdown, racial tensions, and now excessive wind and heat that compounds the situation.

How do we navigate these monumental events? Jesus said to tell the mountain to move, and by faith, it will be moved. But Jesus didn’t tell us how long it will take or what effort we need to put into it.

Our education system tells us knowledge is power.  What sources do we turn to for fuller, broader understanding. Ultimately, I’d say the Bible. Does the Bible speak to these times and situations? Yes, it does. And when it doesn’t we turn to trusted voices – armed with truth about the Bible and our society to help us understand what we don’t understand.

As a staff we’d like to offer up resources that we have found helpful.


Iowa Department of Public Health –

Local health providers

Racial tensions and divisions

Phil Vischer (creator of Christian family educational content)

Factual information on the history of racial division in the United States

Tony Evans – Pastor, Teacher, Promise Keepers keynote speaker*

*First, get a free RightNow Media account here:

Economic fallout – short and long term solutions

Dave Ramsey – teacher, economist

Wind and Snow: It’s Iowa. Soon it will change.