Women’s Ministries

Women of the church are invited and encouraged to join in the work and fellowship of the church by participating in the Reformed Church Women’s Ministry and the Circles that meet. The purpose of the women’s ministries is for participants to devote themselves to Jesus Christ, disciple each other in love and develop a responsibility for mission through the Holy Spirit.

Reformed Church Women’s Ministry (RCWM)

Committees staffed by members include Spiritual Life and Service.  This group also staffs and oversees the kitchen committee, nursery and flower committee and sponsors the annual soup supper.

Bible Studies

Women also organize into groups for Bible study. These meet at the discretion of the group and occur throughout the year.

Cradle Roll

The Reformed Church women organize an annual Cradle Roll party in June. Anyone wishing to enroll their child or grandchild may do so. A nominal fee is collected for a mission project.

Work Groups

Women of the church are assigned to a work group. This gives women the opportunity to serve at funerals or other church functions.