Our History

Hull First Reformed Church is a member of the Reformed Church of America (RCA). The RCA is part of the church of Jesus Christ. Its roots go further back than the 1600s when it founded its first North American congregation on the island of Manhattan. Its history can be traced to the Netherlands in the seventeenth century, to Germany and Switzerland during the Protestant Reformation, to the Roman Empire and beyond. To fully tell the story of the RCA, we must begin with the Apostles and with the countless loyal believers down through the ages.

For more information about the Reformed Church of America, visit their web site at www.rca.org.

Our church was founded in 1885 by Dutch settlers in northwest Iowa.  Even with an average attendance of 200-300, the church seeks to be close-knit and friendly.  Our church is a busy place and hosts many activities, yet it’s also a sanctuary for quiet reflection.  Our current building was erected in 1939 and underwent renovations and additions in 1956 and 1973.   Major changes were made in 2012 – 2013,  the 1973 addition was completely dismantled and a much larger structure was added in its place.  The new addition contains a large fellowship hall, a new kitchen, restrooms, and offices.   On the lower level, there is a new nursery, more classrooms, choir rooms, and rooms for youth groups.  Our church building provides ample space for worship services, family activities, youth gatherings, choir practice and much more.